Loan Products Offered by 1st Tribal Lending

1st Tribal Lending offers mortgages to Native Americans under Section 184 of the Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program. This program is to help American Indians, Native Alaskans and Alaskan tribes including their designated housing groups and Alaskan villages obtain home loans. A loan under Section 184 can be used to purchase a home, as a construction loan, to remodel and/or update a home, and/or to refinance a home. Native Americans can now get the capital and funding to qualify for different housing programs.

Home loans from 1st Tribal Lending, under Section 184 may only be used by a Native American to buy a home if the state where the home is located participates in the program. This program is not available for investment or rental properties, only owner occupied homes. These indian sky payday loans are available to refinance a home, whether you want to cash out, streamline or obtain standard refinancing. Section 184 is available if you need to finance construction. You can use the loan to build your home from scratch, whether it’s a stick-built, manufactured or modular home.

Qualifying for a Home Loan From 1st Tribal Lending

There are certain requirements to qualify for a Section 184 loan through 1st Tribal Lending. For the process to go through smoothly these documentats should be submitted ahead of time:

Documents Required for Purchasing a Home

Documents Required for Refinancing a Home

Additional Requirements Needed for Standard Refinancing

Documents Required for Construction Loan

Home loans from 1st Tribal Lending can be accessed online. Those wanting to apply with 1st Tribal Lending for a Section 184 loan may visit official site to see if they prequalify. These loans have low down payments, from 1.25% to 2.25%. Regular 30-year fixed rate home loans are also allowed. The lender guarantees there are no hidden terms or fees, that mortgage insurance is at a low monthly fee and to provide other features as long as the borrower is an enrolled member of a tribe recognized by the federal government under this program and meets all requirements.

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