Colorado Cash Advance Consumer information

Payday Loan usage info:
7% (seven percents)
Short term loan permit:
Civil Code 1789.30 et seq.
Maximum loan amount:
It’s forbidden to lend more than five hundred dollars, and financed amount should not surpass to customer amount of five hundred dollars.
Cash loan period:
After the date consumer took a loan it’s minimal duration is six months.
For every lending transaction creditor can charge a fee that not more than twenty percents of 1st three hundred, and 7,5% for other amount that is more than three hundred dollars. Also creditor can charge forty five percents annually for each payday loan transaction. In the cases when loans was paid ahead of time the creditor has to recalculate the difference and based on interest rate return to a customer part that was payed before the term. Also, creditor can charge a maintenance fee for each loan than not exceed seven point five dollars per each hundred, up to thirty dollars a month. Maintenance charge can be applied for each month loan has not been repaid after thirty days after the date of transaction of the loan. Creditor has to charge fees only according the state laws part of which is described here. In the case of prolongation APR has to not exceed 45%.

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