Kansas Cash Advance Consumer information

Payday Loan usage info:
8% (eight percents)
Short term loan permit:
Maximum loan amount:
Minimal lending amount is 50$ and maximum is 500$
Cash loan period:
Minimal loan duration is seven days and maximum is 30 days
Information is currently under correction

Kansas cash advance loans are currently being regulated by the state to ensure fairness among borrowers and lenders. The goal of cashtrail is to ensure that everyone concerned understand the different rules that govern the state. For this reason, we provide you with comprehensive information on mandates and the best way to protect yourself against opportunistic lenders.

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Payday Loan Process in Kansas

Borrowing requirements for short-term loans in Kansas is pretty minimal. Following are the regulations every consumer must meet before applying for a loan:

Most payday lenders do not perform a credit check on their consumers, allowing them to entertain even those with bad credit history. Depending on the lender, even people who are retired or accepting welfare checks may also avail of cash advance loans. Typically, the application to loan acceptance only takes a few days, one week at the most.

Kansas Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Kansas has authorized payday loans regulated under specific laws to protect both consumer and lenders. Following are the mandates pertaining to cash advance loans:

Laws regarding rollovers aren’t specified in Kansas and may be left to the agreement of both parties. Specific guidelines for a repayment plan and cooling off period are not available. By browsing through different Kansas payday loan lenders, you should be able to find one offering lower rates to fit your budget.

Kansas Consumer Protection

Any problems, questions or complaints with short term loans should be brought to the attention of the state regulator. In Kansas, this is the Office of the State Bank Commissioner.

Consumers are strongly advised to read the laws and regulations governing payday loans in Kansas. With the help of regulatory institutions, resolving issues should be quick and easily done. Aside from phone and fax, you can also contact regulators through their official website.

Kansas Payday Loan Alternatives

If you’re not too sure about getting Kansas payday loans, there are always other options. Your employer might be agreeable to a cash advance on your month’s salary and forego interest rates. If no other options are possible, using your credit card or borrowing directly from the bank can offer lower rates at a more leisurely payment term. Selling some items or pawning them off can also help avoid huge interest rates while getting the cash you need.

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