Michigan Cash Advance Consumer information

Payday Loan usage info:
5% (five percents)
Short term loan permit:
487.2121 et seq.
Maximum loan amount:
Maximal lending amount is six hundred dollars
Cash loan period:
Maximal loan duration is thirty-one day.
Information is currently under correction

Michigan makes room for short-term loans in their laws, providing residents with an option for temporary cash flow problems. When availing of this right, Michigan consumers must be aware of the different regulations governing cash advance fees in their area. This is why our site has compiled updated information regarding Michigan payday loan laws. Offering comprehensive data,bigskycash.org hopes to contribute to the industry and welcomes any question or comments from the consumers. Payday loan information about other states is also available through the website.

Payday Loan Process in Michigan

To qualify for a payday loan, individuals must first meet a set of requirement set up by the law. If you correspond to all the conditions below then obtaining a loan should be easy.

Application process typically done through the internet and takes less than a week. Borrowers simply need to fill in a skytrail cash form and send the documents necessary. Some lenders are flexible with their dealings and allow welfare checks and retirement check in lieu of salary. Bad credit applicants are also entertained.

Michigan Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Following are the state limitations enforced on payday loans.

Finance rate fees vary depending on the amount borrowed. For the first $100, lenders can enforce a maximum of 15% rate. The second $100 gets 14%, 13% for the third, 12% for the fourth and so on. Verifications fees have added in to the total. Rollovers have not permitted and regulations on cooling off period are unspecified. Consumers are advised to read the fine print carefully to determine if the rates asked for are excessive or within limit.

Michigan Consumer Protection

Any problems with Michigan payday loans can be brought to the attention of the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation.

Borrowers can also inquire through email or visit the regulatory group’s official website. All consumers have advised to understand the impact of payday loan laws on their transactions in order to protect themselves against unsavory dealings. Comparing lenders and reading online reviews are also excellent self-help strategies.

Michigan Payday Loan Alternatives

For those who are wary of payday loans, there are other options to meet temporary cash setbacks. The most basic ones would be asking friends and family for financial support. You can also try selling some of your unused items, therefore avoiding interest rates. Pawnshops are also a viable source of income along with cash advance from credit cards. Employers can also offer advance on salary at no additional cost. For larger cash needs, a bank loan provides friendlier rates and longer terms.

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