North Carolina Cash Advance Consumer information

Payday Loan usage info:
Short term loan permit:
N.C. Gen. Stat. 53-173.
Cash loan period:
There are no lenders working under the North Carolina state laws.
There are no lenders working under the North Carolina state laws.

Payday Loans are prohibited in North Carolina, leaving borrowers looking for others means of quick cash. If you’re an NC resident in search for short-term loans, it’s best to be informed with the possibilities on offer. Our site gives you access to information regarding payday loans in North Carolina and how to obtain one even with the obvious restrictions.

For information of payday loans in other states, feel free to browse the website. We offer only accurate and updated information about payday loans.

Payday Loan Process in North Carolina

Not be eligible for an NC payday loan, individuals must first meet the most basic guidelines set by the lender. Borrowers must be 18 years old and above as well as:

Skycashusa application is usually done online with all the documents either faxed or emailed. Once the borrower and lender reach an agreement, the latter send over the money agreed upon. This usually takes place in less than one business day.

Depending on the lender, NC borrowers may still get a payday loan even if they have a bad credit history. Those on welfare, already retired or part of the military are also accommodated as part of the service for lenders.

North Carolina Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

It’s important to note that there are NO legally practicing payday loan lenders within North Carolina. For this reason, borrowers need to seek lenders licensed by other states, which allow payday loans. Many of the rates, fees, and limitations offered by this lender have derived from the law enforced by the licensing state. This is why borrowers must take the time to research the background of their lender and find out if they are being treated fairly according to state laws.

Currently, North Carolina uses a rate cap for small loans set at 36% per year.

North Carolina Consumer Protection

Protecting yourself as a consumer translates to being aware of the different rules governing your payday loan. Be informed of the laws, maximum finance rates, rollovers and repayment policies practiced by your lender before pursuing the loan.

Currently, the regulating body for NC short term loans is the North Carolina Attorney General.

Any complaints, questions and problems should be direct through their office or via their official website and email address. Do not be afraid to ask questions or make comparisons before arriving at a choice.

North Carolina Payday Loan Alternatives

The most popular NC payday loan alternative is by borrowing from friends and relatives. It is quick, easy and doesn’t come with the burden of accumulating interest. If you’re too wary of borrowing however, you can try selling a personal asset or turning it over to a pawnshop. Credit cards are ideal since they’re very easy to use and let you pay off the debt on an installment basis. Lastly, there’s the possibility of bank loans, perfect for larger cash flow problems.

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