New Hampshire Cash Advance Consumer information

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Less than three hundred interviews were done.
Short term loan permit:
399A:1 et seq
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There are no lenders working under the New Hampshire state laws.
There are no lenders working under the New Hampshire state laws.

New Hampshire is one of the few states with a comprehensive and detailed take on payday loans. If you’re considering obtaining a cash advance loan within the state, it only makes sense to arm yourself with as much information as possible. We provide you with everything you need regarding rates, payments, rollovers and more. The domain makes sure that each data is up to date and that individuals know exactly where to go in the event of problems. For other states, feel free to browse through the page.

Payday Loan Process in New Hampshire

To get a payday loan from NH, individuals must first meet all the set requirements by the lender. Once the necessary documents are passed, it takes only a few days before approval is provided and a deposit is made to the borrowers account.

Many lenders also make allowances for individuals who have not employed. For example, there are also skytrail payday loans for people receiving welfare checks or those who are already retired. Bad credit borrowers can also obtain a loan since credit checks are rarely performed.

New Hampshire Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

New Hampshire enforces several limitations on each payday loan transaction. Following are the regulations that every lender must follow to date:

  1. Maximum Loan Amount: $500
  2. Loan Term: 7 to 30 Days
  3. Finance Charge for $100 Loan in 14 Days: $1.38
  4. APR for $100 Loan in 14 Days: 36%
  5. Maximum Finance Rate and Fees: 36% per year
  6. Rollovers: None
  7. Maximum Number of Loans at a Time: One
  8. Cooling off Period: 60 days

New Hampshire is fairly comprehensive with their payday loan rules and regulations, removing any guessing games for you and the lender. According to NH laws, borrowers can renew a loan to get additional cash, but the first loan must be paid fully.

New Hampshire Consumer Protection

New Hampshire ensures the protection of its residents by assigning a regulatory body for loan, including short-term types. Questions, problems and complaints can all be directed to the New Hampshire State Banking Department.

Borrowers can also send any corresponded through an email address available through their official domain. To further ensure protection, debtors are advised to read the fine print of each transaction before deciding to go through with it.

New Hampshire Payday Loan Alternatives

Payday loan alternatives for NH residents will depend on the amount of interest rate you want to deal with during payment. For zero or minimal rates, you can try borrowing from a friend, relative or directly from your employer. Credit cards and pawning off some of your assets is also a viable option. Some people decide to sell items they no longer need while others get a bank loan for bigger money concerns.

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