Ohio Cash Advance Consumer information

Payday Loan usage info:
10% (ten percents)
Short term loan permit:
1321.35 et seq.
Maximum loan amount:
500$ (five hundred dollars)
Cash loan period:
Minimal loan duration period is thirty-one day
By the law of the state mazimal interest is 28% but all the lender working under the Small Loan Act or Mortgage Loan Act and charging higher comission.

Ohio understands the need for occasional cash advance loans and has ensured that borrowers are well protected from any transaction. This site provides comprehensive information regarding these laws, ensuring the borrowers are well informed before applying for a payday loan in Ohio. We welcome any questions or comments you might have as we are strive to provide up to date and accurate information.

Payday Loan Process in Ohio

Obtaining a payday loan in Ohio is easy and usually takes a few days to complete, maximum of one week. During this time, borrowers can have their asked for funds ready and waiting in their checking/savings account. The requirements are also fairly basic and easily provided through the internet or office-meeting.

Some payday loan requirements are subject to the discretion of the lender. For example, some creditors provide loans for people on welfare or those on their retirement. The loans offered here are dependent on the monthly check received by the borrower.

Ohio Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

All lenders are required to operate within the set guidelines by the state of OH.

All borrowers are advised to familiarize themselves with the cap set by the OH authorities. Read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions before signing.

Ohio Consumer Protection

Problems, questions and complaints can all be directed to the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions.

Address: 77 South High Street, 21st Floor Columbus OH 43215
Phone: (614) 728-8400
Look For: Robert M. Grieser, Deputy Superintendent for Consumer Finance

WEB : http://www.com.state.oh.us/

Borrowers can further protect themselves by being aware of the allowed actions their lender can take. It’s also best to ask any questions you might have to the lender before pursuing a loan. Some aspects of a short term loan are unclear on the law, therefore making it crucial to discuss these topics before an agreement is reached.

Ohio Payday Loan Alternatives

There are lots of payday loan alternatives that borrowers can try first before proceeding with a cash advance loan. Appealing to your employer for a cash advance is one option. Some individuals who don’t want to borrow simply sell off some of their items or pawn it to a shop, reclaiming the asset when their salary comes in. Some expenses can also be paid via credit card, letting you pay it off on an installment basis. Lastly, there are bank loans that let you borrow large amounts of cash at a time. Also you can get a loan here skycash usa.

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