Wisconsin Cash Advance Consumer information

Payday Loan usage info:
5% (five percents)
Short term loan permit:
Wis. Stat. Sec. 138.14; 2011 Act 32
Maximum loan amount:
1500$ or thirty five percents of borrower's income, whichever is less.
Cash loan period:
Maximum lian duration is ninety days.
According to the state law above.

Wisconsin payday loans are offered through internet or land-based offices. If you’re currently considering getting a cash advance loan, it’s best to first be aware of the different laws that you’ll be dealing with. We offer you the opportunity to browse through a comprehensive list of Wisconsin payday loan policies, providing you everything you need for the transaction. The information provided here are accurate and up to date as possible. For information about other states, feel free to browse skytrail cash page.

Wisconsin Payday Loan Process

In just a few days, borrowers can obtain the cash they want from Wisconsin lenders. The process is easy enough and involves passing a filled in application together with the required documents. Some of the conditions that must be met for the transaction include:

Bad debt loans are also entertained together with individuals borrowing on the strength of their welfare check. Some lenders also have no qualms transacting with retired seniors. The maximum loan is dependent on the person’s monthly check.

Wisconsin Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Lenders operating within Wisconsin are required to offer their loans with the following restrictions:

Some aspects of the contract are left to the lender’s discretion. Borrowers must take the time to read the documents and question anything they feel vague.

Wisconsin Consumer Protection

For problems, questions or to clear up misunderstandings, Wisconsin borrowers can refer to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. The regulatory assembly can be contacted through a number of means including via internet.

Consumer protection should also involve protecting yourself against seedy lenders through proper information. Borrowers are encouraged to research about Wisconsin short-term laws to ensure that they are getting the right rates, terms and fees for their loan.

Wisconsin Payday Loan Alternatives

There are multiple alternatives for Wisconsin payday loans, depending on where the borrower is most comfortable. Most consumers prefer borrowings with zero interest rates which is why they go to friends and family for help. Others prefer a cash advance on their salary directly from the employer while some simply sell one of their assets. Pawnshops are also a good idea and for purchasing needs, a credit card may provide sufficient payment. When all else fails, a bank loan might be more feasible with larger loan amounts.

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