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When the economic recession began in earnest in 2008, very few analysts predicted that consumers would still be dealing with the effects well into 2020. The nation's economic recovery has been painfully slow and many policies that were put into place initially by financial institutions to deal with the recession are still in place today. These include higher interest rates for consumer loans, stricter lending guidelines, and very little credit available to those individuals with lower credit scores and/or problematic credit histories.

These tighter financial rules and regulations left a large void as to where people with less-than-perfect credit could find sources of new credit and borrowing. It also helps to explain the enormous growth of payday loan companies and websites over the past five years.

Payday loans are considered short-term loans. This means they are due to be repaid in a very short amount of time (usually two weeks). They generally range in amounts from $100 to $1000 with the majority of loans provided averaging $300. Borrowers are not required to offer collateral for a payday loan.

Bigskycash.org is not a lender. This website does not extend credit or offer loans of any type. We simply offer a free referral service to consumers who are looking for online payday loan options. Our only goal is to successfully match an applicant with one of our trusted payday loan lenders who can then provide quick access to cash funds easily and safely online.

If you are now dealing with an unexpected financial emergency, you may be considering an online payday loan. Here we offer answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about direct lender tribal loans. These should prove helpful to you when making this important borrowing decision and also clear up any confusion you may have regarding the entire payday loan process.