How Payday Advances/Loans Work

If you are considering a payday cash loan, one of the biggest questions you might have is how much it is all going to cost. While does not make loans or extend credit, you should be aware that all of the short-term lenders in our network have their own criteria when it comes to approving a loan application.

Every lender sets their own standards and eligibility requirements. Each specific lender determines the loan contract which is offered to a customer. This includes loan terms, fees, and APRs. Generally, your current income and credit history will influence the terms of your loan as well as the amount of money you may borrow. plays no role in the approval process.

It is your responsibility as an educated consumer to read and fully understand your loan contract before committing to the loan. Lenders are required to give you written notification of the terms and conditions of your loan agreement. This includes fees, penalties, APRs, extension provisions (if any) and payment terms. Do not sign any loan agreement that contains blank spaces. If you have a question or concern regarding your loan agreement you should contact your lender directly, not this website.

Payday cash loans are considered short-term loans meaning that they are meant to be fully repaid within a short period of time, generally two weeks or at your next payday. Consumers can expect to pay much higher APRs than they would for a conventional loan. This is because the borrower receives the cash funds very quickly (usually within 24 hours) and applicants can have a poor credit history and/or low credit score. These conveniences come with a price.

Please remember that at NO TIME are you obligated to accept a payday cash loan, even if offered. If you have serious concerns about being able to repay your online tribal loans when it is due or have questions about your loan terms, you have every right to refuse the loan. You are free to re-apply on our website and be matched with a different lender.

Payday cash loans are meant to be used for emergency financial situations. They are not a solution to long-term debt problems. We at take pride in helping consumers deal responsibly with their pressing financial situation. We do not want to add to your debt and credit problems. We urge you to explore all borrowing options. Please consider your personal financial situation carefully before committing to a payday cash loan.